"We recommend WCONSULT for all companies wishing to acquire a model of Quality Management: Modern, Purpose, Agile, Easy to understand and consistent with the requirements of the International Market. The advisory work provided us with excellent organization, performance improvement and strengthening of our image with shareholders, customers and society in general. We were certified on ISO 9001."


"We highlight as strengths in the implementation of ISO 14001 by the WCONSULT at the TUBARÃO PLANT on the island of Fernando de Noronha: Standardization of processes, improvement in facilities, waste disposal, improving self-esteem of employees, noise reduction, selective collection of garbage, awareness of employees with the theme Environment. We have also emphasized the excellent relationship with our consultant team."


"WCONSULT very successfully implemented the Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 series. The work was coordinated by the consultant Walmir Pedrosa Amorim, who led us in an exemplary way to certification in 16 different areas."


"What seemed to us so far, was achieved with relative ease, because the model of implementation of Quality Management System, adopted by WCONSULT presented itself as a powerful and complete tool"

"WCONSULT rendered relevant technical advisory services to implement the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 in our company"


"The team of consultants from WCONSULT stood out for its high professionalism, timeliness, security of information, as well as by the cordial and friendly style towards the CEO's and employees. The high level of teaching material used in training and lectures. The format of documentation implanted led us to the ISO 14001 certification in Earth Station on the island of Fernando de Noronha."


"WCONSULT was decisive in achieving our ISO 9001 certification. In addition to technical competence, WCONSULT's was highlighted by deep involvement with the goals of NETCON. WCONSULT performance on the implementation of our Quality Management System has been marked with objectivity and ethics."

"The audit conducted by WCONSULT in our Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001 for the following scope: Manufacture of electric accumulators. This audit was conducted by the Auditor Walmir Pedrosa Amorim, where we emphasize total control over the ISO 14001 environmental issue, adding relevant improvements in our Environmental Management System."


"We have had many improvements with the ISO 9001 consulting related to production processes, reduction of production cost, reduction in paper flow, more objectivity in the documentation, better understanding between employees and agility in business decisions."


"WCONSULT rendered relevant technical advisory services to implement the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 in our company"


"The role of the consultants from WCONSULT contributed to improve the quality system assurance ISO 9001 in the operation of the Brazilian interconnected power system, leading to the certification."


"WCONSULT assisted with absolute success
the implementation of ISO 9001. We obtained organizational improvement, strengthening
of image with customers, waste reduction,
strategic planning, improving self-esteem
of employees and quality control of
products and processes."


"The brilliance, professional competence, dynamism, expertise, attitude and commitment of all who make WCONSULT certainly honors and qualify among the top consulting firms in the field of Quality, Environmental Management, Training, Strategic Planning and Management Business. "


"Excellent consultancy conducted by WCONSULT led us to be the first company in the communications industry in Brazil to obtain ISO 14001 certification."